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You may use the selection panel on the left hand side of the screen to refine the list of graves. Please enter your criteria in the appropriate fields and click on the 'Apply' button. You may enter any string of characters in the 'Name' field and any records that contain that string of characters in either the person's first name or surname will be shown, regardless of case . The same applies to the 'Residence' field.

Died/Buried DateResidenceAge
ADLAMSarah AnnDied11 Jan 1904Heytesbury76
ADLAMThomasBuried02 Mar 1583Heytesbury
ADLAMThomasBuried13 Apr 1627Heytesbury
ADLAMThomasBuried28 Jun 1598Heytesbury
ADLAMWilliamBuried25 Feb 1601Heytesbury
AGERJohnBuried09 Dec 1678Heytesbury
AKULLRichardBuried15 Apr 1792Heytesbury
ALDRIDGEMaryBuried09 Feb 1762Heytesbury
ALEXANDER--Buried27 Sep 1776Heytesbury
ALEXANDERDavidBuried17 Feb 1819Heytesbury72
ALEXANDEREllen JaneBuried10 Jul 1961Heytesbury84
ALEXANDERJosephBuried12 Jun 1823Heytesbury40
ALEXANDERMaryDied15 Apr 1851Knook72
ALEXANDERPeter CharlesDied07 Sep 1983Codford53
AlfordMabel AgnesDied18 May 1985Heytesbury93
ALFORDWilliamDied27 May 1965Heytesbury84
ALLENMaryBuried30 Jan 1880Heytesbury73
ANDREWSEdwardBuried25 Sep 1875Heytesbury36
ANDREWSElizabethDied29 Jun 1900Heytesbury56
ANDREWSEllen MatildaBuried03 May 1913Westbury37